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I am a storyteller and believe there is no greater way to tell a story than through images. I love photography because I get to spend my days capturing the small moments that tell your story. I believe that life happens in the in between moments: the excited laughter of a bride before walking down the aisle, the moment the groom first sees his bride.  I take photographs that are real, unique and true to your life: hair blowing gently across the face, a surprise embrace from a child, moments of laughter, calm, a sense of belonging and the golden light that makes everything feel magical.

My passion is to create a story of images that you will want to look at again and again. I want them to bring you back to the feelings of a specific time and place.

When I am not on a shoot, I enjoy traveling with my husband, anything French, making food from scratch, farmers markets, dinner with friends, whiskey, road trips, riding my bike, planning adventures and of course, capturing it all with my camera.

I am based out of Denver and San Francisco and shoot weddings, families, and freelance worldwide, so feel free to contact me about dates or if you have any questions.