Family Portraits!

Now, more than ever, I see the value in documenting your family life. I have taken about a thousand images of my new baby and he changes by the day! I am so thankful to be a photographer during these early days and also that we invested in maternity and newborn portraits. Investing in a  professional to capture your family in an authentic and beautiful way is such a worthwhile experience. These authentic images of families bring me SO much joy. If you would like to book a family portrait session fill out the contact form and email me your preferred dates and location.


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Watching my friends become parents is special and inspiring. Henry is loved so very much.

























Julie and Trevor’s Baby

I loved photographing Julie and Trevor’s Wedding, baby bump, and recently, their baby girl! New parents, new life, beyond beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to capture these major life milestones for you! xoxo














Golden Slumbers-A Light-Filled Newborn Session

The Beatles song Golden Slumbers came on while I was editing this light filled newborn session and the lyrics were fitting to the experience.


Golden slumbers fill your eyes
Smiles awake you when you rise
Sleep pretty darling do not cry
And I will sing a lullabye


Baby Piper was in a comfortable slumber throughout most of this shoot with a smile and stretch breaking through here and there. She slowly opens one eye to check out the world and then the other. She is so observant and its amazing to see a human so brand new checking out the world.

To me, newborn portraits are as important as wedding images. The tiny details of the early days never happen again and its important to document new life with your little person. Kristin and Luke’s new life is filled with love and awe. This baby is so incredibly lucky and loved. I feel so honored to have captured the snuggles, hugs, yawns, stretches, crying, diaper changes, feedings and everyday life with new family of 3!

Baby Piper Kate_and_Brandon_(124_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(206_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(230_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(62_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(305_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(381_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(246_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(290_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(362_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(420_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(434_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(545_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(624_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(918_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(992_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(1039_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(1214_of_1732) Kate_and_Brandon_(1371_of_1732)

Ashley and Kalif

Ashley and Kalif are a couple who really enjoy parenthood. They adore their baby and she is equally enamored with them. Their baby is growing fast and this shoot captured her eating solids (an apple!) crawling like crazy, looking in the mirror and learning how to walk. Capturing and remembering these moments is so important because they pass so quickly. This family is so full of love and I felt so honored to have documented it.

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Baby Charles

I photographed baby Charles with his parents at six months old. I also had the honor of photographing his first day eating solid foods! woo hoo for bananas! I loved capturing this young family in their real life. They had just moved and I felt honored to have documented them in their new home. Charles is constantly on the go and loves exploring the world. Jessica and Chuck are amazing to watch guide and love their little boy. Happy six months Charles, what a fun and exciting half -a-year.

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Alison and her little ones

My best friend Alison is in town from Montana and I got to hangout with her little ones and meet her baby for the first time! I loved capturing her lively family in a natural, unrushed and candid way. I was just in awe of her patience, love and the ease in which she parents. It almost seems, and this may sound sappy, that she was made to be a Mother.  Her experience, and I think glimpses of it are captured through the lens,  is all at once: complicated, new, routine, hectic, funny, peaceful, inspiring, tiring and fun. What a thing, to be a Mom to two beautiful kids.

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Father’s Day Family Portraits

Our dear friends, who are our family, recently lost their Father/Grandfather.  He lived a long and adventurous life. Father’s have an extraordinary gift and purpose. Their legacies are remembered forever. I feel so blessed to be able to capture real moments of everyday life for families. I hope, in years to come, my images of happy times will be cherished as heirlooms and a tangible reminder of the interconnectedness of families. I am offering Father’s Day portrait sessions until June 10th. The price will be $199 which is a huge savings and opportunity to capture your family as it is now. The sessions must be purchased by June 10th but the date can be booked through August 30th.

If you would like to book a session, please email me at

Much Love,


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Avalos2013_(53_of_109) Massey-2 Avalos2013_(34_of_109) Families_Images_(7_of_25)

Soon to be 3


My dear friends are expecting their first baby, really, any day now! I have said this before but truly believe maternity pictures are just as important as wedding photography. It’s a moment that you will never have again. Everything looks different, feels different and there is an excitement that can never be replicated. Chanin and Eric came over on Sunday and we just hung out.  Rather than doing some elaborate photo shoot with just Chanin I aimed to capture them beautifully and honestly in their lives before their family becomes 3.  I hope one day, when Marcos and I are expecting our first little one, someone will document us on a lazy Sunday afternoon, in a non-cheesy, just living our life and being in love kind of way.

Eric and Chanin seriously laughed so much and they even sang funny little songs to the baby.  I kept thinking,  what a lucky baby.  I was so honored to capture this joyful season for them.

Lil Baby, we are excited for your arrival! xoxo

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The Early Days

My friends Rina and Custo just welcomed a second daughter, Sofia, to their family.  You can see their maternity images I took here. I went to Rina’s last week to capture some images of Baby Sofia and it was one of the most unique experiences I have had.  My best friend had a baby while in Japan and I didn’t get to see her for a year, I wrote about it in my personal blog here.  There seems to be a baby boom happening but Rina is the first friend I have actually seen interacting with a newborn in a real way. It was surreal.  It was amazing to see this little person in the world.

Sofia was so tiny, helpless and depended on Rina for everything. I  wanted to take images of Sofia alone but she just needed her Mom with her to keep her warm and just be close. I have never seen two people so connected as a Mother and a new baby.  Within five minutes Sofia cried, ate, slept, spit up, repeat.  It was incredible how much was happening and this tiny person just took up so much space physically and emotionally. I was in awe. Rina effortlessly changed Sofia’s dirty clothes taking little leggings and onesies off of the tiniest most fragile body.  Rina nursed Sofia when she cried, burped her, wiped her multiple spit ups with amazing timing, ease and patience. I wondered if I could do it.

I hung out with them for just over two hours and I felt so honored to have captured the real moments of the early days. Sofia’s eyes are just focusing, she is only a few weeks old. She has really funny expressions but what she focuses on the most is her mother. Her eyes just lock on Rina. After staring for some time, her eyelids get heavy and she drifts to sleep. Rina softly brushes her fingertips over Sofia’s brow and then that’s it, she sleeps, its like magic.

I hope when Sofia and Bianca are teenagers, or going off to college, or making Rina really mad or happy, she can look at these honest images and remember how tiny her baby once was. In years to come, I hope these images  make her pause wherever she is in life and remember the treasure of the quiet, busy, fleeting early days of a new baby.

These are some of my favorite details of life with a new baby


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